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  • Dragon Kenpo Karate Academy - Contains the philosophy, history, a family tree, links, and free email for practitioners is included.
  • Kempo/Kenpo FAQ - Features history of the style, list of various styles with descriptions, and related information.
  • Kenpo Exchange - Personal research on Kenpo from the Mitose branch with a focus on Tracy and Parker Kenpo. Includes history, profiles of historical figures, technique groupings, and various articles on several subjects.
  • Kenpo Karate by Kenpo Students - Features information on Kenpo Karate. Its history, concepts, and principles.
  • Kenpo Thoughts - A portal and resource index. Also features articles, who's who biographies, and a regional scho


  • Chappell's Family Karate - School timetable, instructor profile, programs, awards and general information. Also teaches self defense. Located in Harselle, Alabama.
  • Japan International Karate Do Federation - Located Trussville and Montevallo, training for adults and children. Includes event calendar, class schedule and glossary of karate terms.
  • Spirit Made Steel - Dojo in Madison run by sensei Kevin Swanner. Schedule, instructors, FAQ and photographs.


  • Genwakai Karate Phoenix Juku Dojo - A school in Holland teaching the Genwakai style. Includes a description of the style, locations of dojos, contact details and training times.
  • KoSho Karate Pantano - Teaching Shuri-ryu, based in Tucson. Classes, teachers, schedule, student information and personal safety classes.


  • American Academy of Self Defense - Karate for Kids and adults. Classes daily. Featuring Kick-Robics workouts. Kenpo, and other styles of the Martial Arts. Located in Newbury park California
  • American Martial Arts Academy - Located in Fullerton, training provided for students from 3 years old. Programs, schedule, dojo tour.
  • Aoinagi Karate - School teaching Aoinagi Karate in Loma Linda, California. Includes school history, schedule, and contact information.
  • East Bay Seido Karate - Classes in San Francisco East Bay, Oakland, Berkeley, Albany and Rockridge area. Instructors, class details and gallery.
  • Heiwa Ryu Martial Arts Academy - A San Francisco bay area, California school teaching John Earl Doub's style based on Okinawan Shito Ryu, Japanese Kyokushin, Tai Chi Chuan and Muay Thai. Includes details on location, class times and fees.
  • Lacombe Karate's Virtual Studio - Board breaking, online test registration, event calendar, instructors, ranks, uniform requirements and general information. [Agoura Hills, CA]
  • Seido Karate Los Angeles - Teaching traditional Seido Karate is founded by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura. Class location, gallery, instructor profile and links.
  • Tenshin-Kai Karate,Glendale,CA - Features schedules, events, photos, contacts, and information about the style of traditional Karate. Offers group classes for adults and kids.
  • Tenshin-Kai Tai Chi Marina del Rey Los Angeles - Grandmaster Hirakawa teaches in a traditional Japanese dojo, in Marina Del Rey, California. Dojo history and events.
  • West LA Seido - Instruction based on the teachings of Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, located in Culver City. Instructors, class detail and photographs.




  • Academy of Martial Arts - Based in North and South Naples. Gallery, training venues, information and times.
  • Chintokan Karate-Do - Teaching traditional Japanese martial arts including Okinawan Shorin-Ryu, Iai-Do, Jo-Do and Kobudo (weapons). Includes online store and contact information. [Jacksonville, Florida
  • East West Black Belt Academy - Based Orange City and run by Ken Brayman.
  • Kantetsu Ryu Karate Association - Karate classes offered at central Florida YMCAs. Incorporates Motobu-ha Shito Ryu, TaeKwonDo and Tang Sho Dau. Lists location, schedule, instructor profiles, history of style, student and children's pages, belt system and suggested reading. [Florida}
  • TSK Clearwater - Tiger Schulmann's Karate in Clearwater, Florida. Includes links and school information.


  • Ben Kiker's United Karate Studios - Teaching Karate, kickboxing, Hapkido and Hanmudo. Class schedule, location, events and photo album. Includes black belt directory. [Georgia, USA]
  • Budokan School of Martial Arts - Teaching Shuri-Ryu karate and kobudo, located in Cumming. Training schedule, student information and sensei profiles.
  • The Dojo American Karate Center - Features school locations, programs, events, tournaments, and related school information. Several school through out Georgia, USA.
  • Joe Corley American Karate - A school teaching the Joe Corley system of karate providing regular classes to all ages across Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Includes dojo locations and contact details.


  • Sharkey's Karate Studio - A school specializing in traditional Shorei Ryu, Shotokan, and Sport Karate competition. Also offer private instruction, seminars, and children's programs. Locations at Naperville and Momence.
  • University of Chicago Traditional Karate Club - Teaching Karate and self-defense techniques. Members area, photographs, links and contact information.


  • Homann Karate Do - Specializing in children's development teaching traditional Soryu Karate Do Ryukyu Kempo in Crown Point, Indiana.


  • Seishin Ryu Kokusai - Includes biographies, store, gallery, and contact information. Located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.


  • Kore Team Karate - Based Shawnee. Mission statement, belt grading details, testimonials and photographs.
  • Rogers Bushidokan - Located in Gardner. Class photographs, style background and location.


  • Louisville Yoseikan - Member of the United States Chito-Ryu Karate Federation. Provides information about the instructor and the history and philospophy of this type of karate. Also includes related links and contact information.
  • Shao-lin Karate - Based in Nicholasville. Schedule of classes, requirements, recommended gear, fees and directions.



  • Seido Karate in Maryland - Located in Towson, Ellicott City, Damascus, and Catonsville. Contains FAQ, style details, and links to affiliate schools.
  • Super Sport Karate - A school in Frederick, Maryland USA teaching traditional karate and aerobic kickboxing. Includes class times, dojo location and contact details.
  • Synergy Martial Arts Inc. - Classes in Odenton and River Hill. Photographs, programs, staff details and schedule.
  • United States Naval Academy Karate-Do - News, schedule and photographs. Located in Annapolis, Maryland


  • Auburn and Spencer Karate - General information, program details and contact. [Auburn, Massachusetts]
  • Eye of the Tiger Karate - Programs, schedule, news letter and general information. [Salem, Massachusetts]
  • Kenka Kai Kan Elite Warriors - Bare-knuckle system with roots based from Ashihara Karate, Uechi-ryu Karate, Jujutsu and boxing. News, pictures, fighter profiles and general information. Locatated in Arlington, MA.
  • Kevin Bliss Self Defense Center - A school in Leominster, Massachusetts USA teaching karate, kick boxing and tai chi to people of all ages. Includes information on location and lessons in additional styles.
  • Team Kick - Youth training for ages 6 and up with locations in Boston and Charlestown. Photographs, programs and news.


  • Adams Karate Fitness - A school in Coldwater, Michigan teaching the Super T karate combat and kickboxing system a blend of boxing, karate, kickboxing and other martial arts techniques. Includes location details and class times.
  • Bassai Karate Academy - Teaching Kissaki-Kai Shotokan karate in Newaygo, Michigan. Includes class times and related school information.
  • Romanelli's - Zen-Bai Botoku Kai training, based Clinton Township. School tour, events, schedule and gallery.
  • Super T Karate - Class schedule, instructor profile, events, news letter, members and general information. [Grand Rapids, MI ]
  • Superior Martial Arts - Located in Gladstone. Schedule, class tours and student resources.


  • Ralph Monahan's Martial Arts Center - Traditional Japanese Karate; self-defense; fitness kickboxing; yoga. In Winona, Minnesota.
  • Ridler's Martial Arts Academy - Christian run dojo located in Willmar. Class details, calendar and photograph album.
  • River Valley Shorin-ryu Karate - Teaching a Kyokushin, Shuri-Te and Taekwondo blend and defensive law enforcement tactics. Features articles, instructors profile, events calendar, and school information.
  • USA Karate - Tournaments, masters, instructors, testimonials, special offers, kids in Karate, locations, links and students area. [Cross Lake, Minnesota]


  • East Mississippi Hogan Karate - Membership information, classes, seminars, photographs, videos and links.
  • Ren Bu Kan Karate-do - Features history, style description, photo gallery, instructor profiles, news, events, and related information.
  • Sidekicks - Teaching Zen-Jitsu for all ages in Pontotoc. Class schedule, rules and style origin.


New Hampshire

  • Daley's Martial Arts Academy - Instruction for all ages 3 years plus, located East Hampstead. Programs, schedule, instructors, facilities and photographs.
  • White Mountain Martial Arts - A school teaching Tae Sho a style combining Shotokan karate and Tae Kwon do in Littleton, New Hampshire USA. Includes good descriptions of kata, history of the original styles and location details.

New Jersey

  • merican Center for Martial Arts - Located in Rockaway. Programmes, student page and terminology.
  • American Karate Institute - Teaching a continual motion style, located in Hamilton. Instructors, events, news, seminars and safety tips.
  • American Shindo Ryu - Based in Elizabeth. Instructors, dojos, lineage, class details and photographs.
  • Enshin Karate - John Arnold's branch of Enshin Karate in Union, New Jersey providing information on the style history, instructors, dojo address and class schedule.
  • Universal Pasha Karate - A school teaching the Robert Dickerson system of self defense based on Kyokushinkai, Shotokan and Bando at the Unity Community Center in Camden, New Jersey USA. Includes an information request form, center location and contact details.
  • Universal Warrior Arts - Austin Wright's dojo located in Bayonne. Mission statement, press, schedule, gallery and programs.

New Mexico

  • The Niju-Te Budokai - Teaching Niju-Te, which focuses on the karate-do aspect of training the mind, body, and spirit. Features news, events, photos and school information. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

New York

  • Auburn Karate Studio - A school in Auburn, New York teaching Tatsu Do an ecclectic system of martial arts devised by Hanshi William Cavalier using Karate, Aiki Jutsu, Kobudo, and Iai Jutsu. Includes location information, contact details and class times.
  • Harlem Karate - Teaching Goju karate in Harlem, New York. Includes school information
  • Masters Of Karate - Training and kick-boxing classes, children accepted from 3 years old. Class details, testimonials and instructor information.
  • Neko-Do Systems Goju-Ryu International - Neko-Do Systems Goju-Ryu International exists to propagate Goju-Ryu, and self-defense techniques and methodology to impoverished areas of the world.
  • Northern New York Zen Do Kai - A school with dojos throughout New York USA providing location information, contact details and class times.
  • Seishin-Do Karate Systems - Club teaching a combination of Shotokan Karate and Jujitsu. Belt ranking system, tips, photographs and dojo language.
  • Tenkara Karate-Do - Based at Saratoga and Myrtle Beach, chief instructor Patrick Hussey, teaches classes to all ages. Seminars, classes, resources and class schedule.
  • Toma Karate Dojo - Okinawan Martial Arts in Spencerport, New York. Includes news, history, instructor profiles, and contact information.
  • Traditional Karate America - Schools located at Bedford Hills, Queens and Long Island. Programs and class schedules.
  • United Martial Arts Center - Teaching Tatsu-Do Karate, fitness training and cardio kickboxing. Includes rape defense, children's program, instructors, class schedules, articles and links. [Rochester, New York]
  • WMA - Contains instructor profile, class schedule, fees and members section. Affiliated with the World Martial Arts Association. [Brooklyn, NY]

North Carolina

  • Karate International - Teaching Sanshinkai in Cary. Directions, schedule and club information.
  • Karate International of King - Finnjitsu karate and grappling. Programs, terminology and FAQ.
  • Keith's Dojo - A student of Karate International Sanshinkai describing the sensei, school and the non-traditional American system style.
  • World Karate-Do - Shisei Ryu training located in Knightdale. History, news, schedule and general information.




  • Allegheny County Martial Arts Center - A non-profit traditional martial arts school offering instruction in Chito-Ryu Karate, Kosiedo Jiu-Jitsu and Okinawan Kobudo.
  • Bushi Budo Kan - Located in Hatfield. Also offers training in Aikijujitsu, Jujitsu, and Kobudo. Shihan Patrick Byrnes is chief instructor.
  • Ernie Kirk's Premier Martial Arts - Located at the Marlborough Shopping Center in Kennett Square. Offers programs for everyone age three and over. Site includes downloadable form descriptions and event flyers.
  • Goshin Jutsu Karate - Teaching a traditional Karate system with influences of Kung Fu, and Jiu-Jitsu. Includes news, events, photos, and contact information. Located in Sewickley.
  • Huntzinger's Karate - School information, class schedule, student pictures and an assortment of karate links. Located in Wilkes-Barre.
  • Jung Sim Do - Club at Penn State University. Teaching Jung Sim Do traditional Korean Karate. Features history, photo gallery, contact, general information, links and awards.
  • Leading Edge Karate - Teaching karate in Emmaus. Features news, events, links, and related school information.
  • Raku Kai Fighting Dragons - Japanese and Korean based system also offering police training. Lineage, testing details and class times. Located in Yardley, PA.
  • South Hills YMCA Karate Club - Includes monthly schedule, class description and FAQ. Located in Pittsburgh.
  • Team United Karate - Located in Allentown. Offers classes for adults, children, and families. Includes calendar, schedule, photos, news, and a forum.
  • USA Professional Karate Studio - Teaches Karate and Kickboxing styles combined with American Boxing and American know-how. Site has school info, shopping, and map. Located in Pittsburgh.

Rhode Island

  • Branchaud Karate - Teaching as taught by Master Seikichi Odo, located North Smithfield. Includes style and school information.

South Carolina  

  • ChidokwanKarate - A bi-monthly E-zine for students of the style including articles, product reviews and dojo locations in South Carolina, USA.
  • Ciraco's - Teaching goju-ryu, shorin-ryu, and hakutsuru white crane karate, based Garden City. Classes and gallery.
  • Karate World - Jason and Amy McCormick school of karate and gymnastics with dojos in South Carolina providing details on contacts, location, programs for all ages and class times.
  • Marty Knight Karate - A school for all ages in Anderson, South Carolina providing classes in the Marty Knight system of karate and also cardio kick boxing. Includes contact, location details and class times.
  • Sogo Goshin Do Karate - Christina Crank's site providing information on the style, her dojo in Waterboro, South Carolina USA, photos and links to related sites.



  • Academy of Martial Arts - Club run by Larry Fields in Abilene. News, class schedule and information.
  • American Free Style Karate - A self-defense system based out of Corpus Christi, Texas. Studying all distances: Kicking, Punching, trapping & takedowns, and grappling.
  • Chayon Ryu Martial Arts - Information on school, biography and films of Robert McLain, class times, articles and links. [Arlington, Texas]
  • Chayon Ryu Natural Way Martial Arts - Kim Soo schools teaching a system based on natural movements found within Shudokan karate, taekwondo, aiki jujitsu, judo and hapkido. Includes history, dojo locations and class times.[Texas]
  • Karate Smart - Training based at San Antonio for ages 6 and up. Instructor profiles, class schedule, techniques and photographs.
  • Karate USA - J. Pat Burleson's site providing seminar details, American Karate system dojo locations in Texas and a base for the World Martial Arts Ranking Association with member list and biographies.
  • The Rice Karate Club - Teaching Chayon-Ryu, a system of martial arts founded by Grandmaster Kim Soo. Features history, club information, philosophy and links. Located in Houston, Texas.
  • Suggs American Karate - Located in Lufkin. History, class information and photographs.


  • Bobby Lawrence Karate Training Centers - Newsletter, pictures, history, and locations.
  • Karate Shin-Toshi - Information about Karate Shin-Toshi classes in Utah. Ranks, links, enrollment and general information.
  • Musokai Karate-Do - Okinawan style, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Shihan Kiyoshi Arakaki, 7th degree black belt. Find history, class schedule, information about U.S. Open koshiki/full-contact tournament and school related information.


  • Legend Gates Karate - Personal page detailing history, terminology, multimedia, images and links on Karate.[Vermont]
  • Lenchus Legend Martial Arts - Contains history, affiliate dojo list, biographies, events, and details on seminars.


  • Chikubu Kai Karate Do - The official website of Chikubu Kai. Contains history, upcoming events, related links, contact information, and news items. [Virginia]
  • International Karate Academy - Dojo located in Lynchburg. Club also offers instruction in Tai-Chi, Yoga, and kickboxing.
  • Silkisondan Karate of Richmond - Instructor profiles, training schedule and shop.
  • Tim Thompson's Ryoshin-Kan Karate School - Features class schedule, news, events, tournament results, styles, terms, and photos. Also provides information about the Dragon Force National and Demo Karate teams. Located in Virginia Beach.
  • Ultimate Karate Academy - A school teaching American free style to people of all ages with a special program for pre school children. Includes information on location, class times and other classes in cardio kick boxing.



  • Elite Karate Studios - Class schedule for both Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls.
  • Karate America - Training in Stoughton and Evansville. Programs, resources, schedules and gallery.
  • University of Wisconsin Parkside Karate - A USA school teaching Shorei style as part of the university's physical education curriculum. Includes information on basics, kata, terminology, lineage, exercises and the style.


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