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  • 2000 Years - Information on the spread of Judo across America. Includes details on book.
  • AllExperts - Black belts, instructors, and other experts answer detailed questions about Judo techniques, forms and manoeuvring.
  • Best Judo - Offer book reviews of current and out-of-print books regarding the style. Also contains articles, photos, and related links.
  • G Spot - Features photos, downloadable resume, and summary of Gary Bautista's training and accomplishments.
  • Judo and Life - An article exploring the principle of Ju.
  • Judo Information Site - Techniques, History, FAQs, articles, humor, supplies, extensive dojo and club listings, and general information.
  • Judo for the Disabled - Advice for instructors who wish to teach the mentally or physically handicapped and advocacy of opening Judo clubs to such individuals.
  • Judo on the Internet - Webring with 102 sites.
  • Judo TaiKai Tournament Information and Software - Lists judo clubs and tournaments; offers software to draw the tournament brackets.
  • Maartens Judo Site - Information site containing history, photographs, techniques, grades, links and general information. [English/Dutch]
  • Raino's Judopage - Contains techniques (including listings of Judo leglocks, spinelocks, wristlocks, and strikes), commentary on katas, Japanese/English word translation, and information about Finnsnes Judoklubb.
  • Rob's Judo - Site in English and Dutch with a collection of pictures and animations to illustrate Judo techniques.
  • Submission Judo Archives - History of Judo and how it fathered Sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, plus origins of Atemi Waza.
  • Takis Vacatassis Judo - Kano biography, book listing, gallery and information on Judo in Greece.
  • Ultimate Judo - Pictures and information about Judo and submission wrestling.
  • World of Judo and Jujutsu  - Includes calendars, archives, martial arts supplies, links to online journals, articles by Steve Cunningham (the webmaster) and information regarding Judo mailing lists. [French/German/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish/English]


  • International Judo Federation - Worldwide governing body for sport judo.
  • The Kano Society - Dedicated to the preservation of traditional, well-rounded Judo as envisioned by Jigoro Kano. Emphasizes close ties with the Kodokan and practice of kata and goshin wazas in addition to randori and shiai.
  • The Kodokan Judo Institute - Founded in 1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano, the creator of Judo. Provides schedules, courses and listing of clubs worldwide. [Japanese/English]
  • Pan-American Judo Union - Non-profit Judo organization made up of the national organizations of the American Continent. Created for the educational and sport purposes of Judo. Includes members area, events, calendars and links. [Spanish/English]

News and Magazines  

  • Judo in Iceland - News and information on Judo in Iceland.
  • Judo Photos Unlimited - A gallery of European, World and Olympic competitions dating from 1973 to the present.
  • World Judo Organisation - Interviews, news and photographs of the world and Olympic Judo champions. General information and links.
  • The World of Judo Magazine - The official magazine of the British Judo Association. Contains photographs, shop, competitor profiles, links, calendar of events, news and stories.

Judo Supplies

  • Bird's Judo Shop - Offering judo competition video CD, books and related products.
  • Hatashita Enterprises Online - in business since 1947. The only official North American distributor of Mizuno and Fuji dogi and martial arts supplies.
  • Ippon-USA - Sells instructional books, videos, and uniforms. Also supplies GEEMAT brand martial arts mats.
  • Judo Shop - Offering Judo themed sportswear.
  • Lilin Japanese Tatami - Offers traditional Japanese tatami including rooms, mats, lamps, paper, and doors. Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Swain Sports International - Specializing in judo dogis and tatami mats.
  • U.S. Sports International - Offering Judo uniforms. Ordering through email and paypal.
  • Zebra Mats - Mats are made with a traditional tatami-style vinyl.


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