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  • Artistic Videoe - Comprehensive collection of instructional videos, including health and exercise, martial arts, the Master Robert Lyons Series, children's, and Native American.
  • Asheville WoodCrafters - Muk Jong wooden dummies with a lifetime warranty.
  • Beijing Imports - Offering apparel, equipement, weapons, and related accessories primarily focused for the Chinese styles.
  • China Kung-Fu Instruments Co., Ltd. - We manufacture all kinds of tai chi swords, sword, tai chi knives, knife, long weapons, short weapons.
  • CME Productions - A reference point for martial arts books and videos of with a more technical nature than more popular offerings.
  • Grandmaster Video - Martial Arts movies and fung fu videos. From The Shaw Brothers and Classic Hong Kong Cinema to Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh.
  • The Great Lion Company - American-made wooden dummy training devices for Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do and other martial arts.
  • HiAdventure Karate Videos - Offers Kung Fu videos.
  • - Site offers information and eBooks on Bagua Zhang, Choy Li Fut, Drunken Boxing, Eagle Claw, Hsing I, Hung Gar, Monkey Kung Fu, Praying Mantis, Shaolin, Tai Chi, White Crane and Wing Chun.
  • Jonie Uniform - Offers uniforms for the Chinese Martial Arts. Chinese weapons, musical instruments, and related products also available.
  • Kung Fu - San Soo Stuff - Martial arts supplies; specializing in Kung Fu and San Soo.
  • Kung Fu and Martial Arts Supply - Offers screensavers, books and videos.
  • Kung Fu Direct - Supplier of competition-grade Chinese Kung Fu uniforms, sparring kits and other equipment. Ships to USA and Canada. Wholesale accounts available.
  • Kung Fu Movies.Net - Kung Fu is a specialty store online that specializes in martial arts or kung fu movies. This site was created to preserve the classic kung fu movies.
  • Kung Fu Supplies Company - We are offers a wide selection of martial arts supplies specialist in kungfu karate judo and teakwon-do uniform equipment and accessories. (Hong Kong site)
  • - Oriental martial arts training equipment and video.
  • Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu Video Shop - Offers instructional videos and books. Also includes a virtual reality tour of the school and online video clips.
  • Paragon Martial Arts - UK based supplier of Chinese Kung Fu equipment and uniforms, with a catalogue for ladies and children kung fu uniforms.
  • Raven Studios - Makes martial arts practice weapons and training equipment. Wooden dummies, swords, and bot jaam do. Custom work.
  • Shaolin Communications - Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu and Tai Chi supplies, lessons, seminars, and tournaments sponsored by Shaolin Chi Mantis and weapons imported from China.
  • Stadion Publishing Company - Sports training information from world-class coaches for all sports.
  • Wah Nngai Tong - Offers weapons, uniforms, lion dance and related equipment.
  • Wooden Dummy - A teakwood training dummy (Mook Yan Yong) available though online orders
  • WTN Kung Fu Video Productions - Secrets of the Orient martial arts series provides expert instruction though, slow motion, split screen, various camera angles, and a running commentary pointing out the most important points of each of the techniques.
  • Wushu Direct - Specialist UK-based supplier of clothing, equipment and training weapons on Chinese martial arts.





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