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  • Agatsu Inc is dedicated to providing you with the best in fitness and Kettlebell conditioning products. We have a variety of products and Kettlebell training programs uniquely designed to help you reach your performance goals. We are Canada's leading Kettlebell manufacturer. Click here for more information.
  • AFTA Fitness Certifications AFTA offers online or home study personal trainer certification. We also offer youth fitness trainer, female fitness instructor, nutrition advisor, and other certifications. We have quality nutritional/dietary supplements.
  • Physique Engineering Technologies - Personal training and online assistance for bodybuilding, fitness and weight loss with Hugo Rivera.
  • Reality Workouts - Personal Training in Gym, Home, or Office. Weight Loss, Body Sculpting, and Strength Training. Trainer Randy Long has 25 years of fitness and weight training experience.
  • Rene' Endara Personal Training - Bodybuilder Rene' Endara's website, with information about Rene and his personal training services.
  • Sonki Fitness - Provides boot camp classes, personal and corporate training, and fitness vacations. Los Angeles, California.
  • sportZcoach - Specialist endurance sports coaching with Justin Trolle. Training and program prescriptions for Triathlon, Duathlon, Multisport, Swimming, Cycling and Running athletes from beginner through to the elite international athlete.
  • Stephan Holt Fitness - Training advice and articles, and a free fitness newsletter.
  • Steve Jones - Personal trainer offering free email consultations.
  • Steven Shohoudy - Personal trainer, with information on health and fitness.
  • 901btrib.gif (868 bytes)Tanja Baumann - Fitness consultant, personal trainer, Miss Millennium/World Champion Aerobic Fitness offers personal training in Switzerland.
  • Terrie Reeves, EnergyQuest - Fitness training and workshops throughout the country, plus kickboxing certification and personal fitness training.
  • TheDeanTeam - Personal trainer and actor Dean Erickson created an online community of health and fitness, which encourages interactivity and support for all members.
  • Todd Opheim - Opt4Fit - A personalized program developed for you that includes diet, nutrition, cardiovascular health, and exercise.
  • Training With Jim - Certified personal trainer, fitness model, and martial arts instructor offering services for training, dieting and living a healthier life.
  • VeloForce - Sport specific Strength & Conditioning for the serious athlete or the fitness enthusiast, with special emphasis on the MMA athlete. Trainer Mark Ginther is experienced in sport and strength training, as well as the martial arts.
  • Vision Quest Fitness - In-home personal training. Includes fitness tips and the "Exercise of the Week".
  • Whole Body Fitness - Personal training with fitness instructor Lisa Dougherty. Information includes Culinary SOS, health and fitness tips, and a special teen nutrition and fitness program.
  • WorkoutMaster - Personal Training for all ages and sports with Aram Ovsepian. Available for training at the gym, or your home or office.


  • Athletic Leagues and Sports Clubs Nationwide - Provider of year-round sports, parties and world wide travel for over 350,000 active adults ages 21 to 34.
  • Athletic Perception Institute - Personal training program for improving visual perception in sports.
  • Big Dreams Fitness - Services include swimming, biking, running, triathlon, strength and conditioning customized training plans, private, semi-private, and small group personal training and coaching services.
  • CrossFit - Strength and conditioning program for police, military, and athletes. Includes message board, exercise videos, seminars and certifications offered, logo merchandise, and subscription journal.
  • Dr. Relax - A web-based training program. Contains a description of methods, how to schedule a speaking engagement, and cost details.
  • Elite Athleticism - Multi-faceted program developed by Dean Brittenham to increase flexibility, strength, endurance, energy and explosive coordination. Facility located at Scripps Clinic, Shiley Sport and Health Center in La Jolla, California.
  • Explosive Performance - Sport specific training programs for teams and individual athletes.
  • Fitness Testing Guide by Rob Wood - A comprehensive site on all things to do with fitness testing, including discussions and descriptions of over 30 fitness tests.
  • Gatorade Sports Science Institute - Provides articles, tips, research, educational tools, and interactive presentations on sports nutrition and exercise science.
  • Hatha Yoga Lesson - In depth instructional site with animated gifs that demonstrate stretching and yoga techniques to increase strength and flexibility.
  • National Athletic Trainers' Association - Current events, education, meeting information, membership details and member awards.
  • OverSpeed Training - Training information, equipment and programs specifically related to overspeed, speed and agility. Developed with the collegiate soccer player in mind, but applicable to other sports.
  • Peak Power Sport Development - Offers sport science testing and applied training for teams and individual athletes of all sports and abilities.
  • Physical Solutions - Customized personal training programs and rehabilitation therapy.
  • Speed Training - Speed training system for athletes and coaches focused on improvements in sprint time and acceleration.
  • SpeedQuest - Athletic speed and quickness training.
  • Sport Specific Training Programs - New sports training manuals that are guaranteed to improve your speed, strength and agility. Free training report and newsletters are featured.
  • Sports Speed Etc. - Specializes in strength, agility, speed, resistance, and endurance training clinics and programs focusing on improving athletic movement.
  • Train Boston - Sports and fitness training centers for adults and youth located in Wellesley, Acton and Norfolk.
  • Train For Sport - Articles and information regarding sport specific training, nutrition, sports therapy and physical preparation.
  • - Web based training system based on Joe Friel's "Bible" series of books for triathletes, cyclists, runners and endurance athletes of all levels.
  • UltraLog - Web-based training log allowing users to chart time, distance, heart rate, intensity or calories burned in various activities.
  • - Guide to sports camps for all ages and skill levels in a variety of sports and selected links to sports instructional websites.
  • Winning Stats Training Logs - An Internet based cycling program that allows atletes to log daily cycling and races. Also includes log programs for running, cross-country skiing, in-line skating, and swimming.


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