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  • Andreas' Mike Tyson Website - Collection of complete Mike Tyson fights on DVD available.
  • Balazs Boxing - Supplier of boxing and martial arts equipment for home fitness and professionals.
  • Boxing Canada, the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association
    Championnat canadien senior 2006 - Le 2006 championnats juniors
  • Boxing Cards and Collectibles - Personal dealer in boxing cards, autographs, books fight programs.
  • Boxing Collectors News - Offers tips on spotting original items and a subscription newsletter devoted to collecting boxing memorabilia.
  • Boxing Direct - Offer wholesale boxing gloves, headgear, mouthguards, speedbag sets and other accessories.
  • BOXING MONTHLY - The Worldwide Sports Magazine Homepage. The essential sports magazine for serious followers of the boxing world. Complete site for online articles, rankings, merchandise and subscriptions. (UK)
  • : Insider Boxing News,... News, Results, Boxing Rumors, Odds, Forum, and more. Get The Inside Dirt On Boxing.
  • Boxing News 24 hours/day -- the #1 resource in boxing -- following ...
    Provider of boxing interviews, rumors, results, schedules and a directory of links
  • Boxing on VHS - A website dedicated to vhs boxing videos of all titles, from Ali to Zarate.
  • Boxing Photographs - Offers photographs of boxers from around the world.
  • Boxing Pics - Providers of photography of many big fights, available for purchase online.
  • Boxing Ring Rentals and Sales - We rent boxing rings. New and used rings available.
  • Boxing Shoes - Boxing shoes from a range of suppliers in custom colors and styles.
  • The Boxing Times. Hard-core insider's coverage of boxing including columns, world rankings, knockout photography, fight previews, fight results and analyses
  • BoxRec Database of boxing records with an online search facility.
  • Canadian Professional Boxing Federation. The official site of the Canadian Professional Boxing Federation. Up-to-date results, ratings, boxing cards, profiles, rules and safety code.
  • CanBox - Offer protective and training equipment, including apparel and gloves.
  • Contact-Ma UK - Dealers of boxing and martial arts equipment as well as security equipment and bulletproof vests.
  • East Side Boxing Boxing news and inside coverage of boxing including interviews, international boxing news, previews of upcoming fights, post-fight boxing results and ...
  • Everlast Boxing Equipment - Offers Everlast boxing equipment including punching bags, clothing, boxing gloves, heavy bags, shoes, and gear.
  • Fight Photos - Boxing photos taken by professional boxing photographer Pat Orr.
  • FightGear - Offers training and competition headgear available in custom designs and colours.
  • FightToys - A large selection of vintage boxing memorabilia including photos, autographs, tickets, programs and framed pieces.
  • The Film Doctor - Offers an extensive collection of boxing tapes and vintage fight film collections.
  • Grant Boxing - Dealers in training gear, workout accessories, and fight equipment.
  • HangZhou GuangXing - Offers a variety of equipment, accredited to ISO9000 and SGS standards.
  • ISS Worldwide - Manufacturer and dealer of gloves, protectors, coaching equipment, accessories and punching bags.
  • KO Fightgear - Offer boxing and martial arts equipment headgear, sparring gloves and handwraps.
  • Leisure Export Worldwide - Exporters of boxing and leisure equipmnt and accessories worldwide.
  • Lion Street Books - Providers of historic boxing books, magazines, photographs and fight programmes.
  • Boxing Coverage updated 24/7 at
    Boxing Broadcast Coverage news updated daily. We cover Boxing.
  • Powerhouse Boxing - Offer a range of boxing and martial arts equipment and accessories.
  • Prime Enterprises Inc. - Providers of punching bag platform systems.
  • Prime Time Boxing CD's - Dealers of original radio broadcasts of historic fights of on CD.
  • Prizefighting Books - Dealer of recent and historic booking books and publications.
  • Pro Boxing Equipment - Specialists in gloves, mitts, mouthpieces, apparel and martial arts equipment.
  • Ray Sport - Offers martial arts products, protective, training and tournament equipment.
  • Reyes Direct - Official site of the professional boxing gloves and fight equipment manufacturers.
  • Rimmer Industries - Providers of equipment and apparel for both boxers, referees and judges.
  • Rocky Marciano - The 13th Candle - Offers information, reviews and order details of a book on history's only undefeated heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano.
  • Starla Group - Pakistan-based manufacturers offers a range of boxing gloves and fitness equipment.
  • Title Boxing Equipment - Offers training equipment including gloves, speed bags, and heavy bags from a number of manufacturers.
  • Title Fight 2001 Boxing Simulator - Boxing game for the PC allowing for accurate computer fights between thousands of boxers of today and yesteryear.
  • Tuf-Wear - Providers of fingerless bag gloves, lace up boxing training gloves and heavy-duty boxing gear bags.
  • Uppercut Sports Online Store - Providers of boxing equipment, including gloves, head guards, punch bags and speed balls.
  • USA Boxing. The official website of USA Boxing, the national governing body of amateur boxing in the US.
  • WBC - Official site of the World Boxing Council. An interactive site with opportunities for fan feedback. Also included are championship fight archives, ..


  • A.N.D. WebWorld Boxing - Provides boxing championship results from a broad range of the sports governing bodies.
  • Ben Caunt - Champion Bareknuckle Boxer of England 1841-1845 - A brief description and a few illustrations of those invovled in his Ben's life and fights.
  • Conn, Billy - Official site. Includes biography, articles and photos.
  • The Cyber Boxing Zone - An online boxing magazine devoted to current news, opinions, a boxing encyclopedia, and book reviews.
  • Fitzsimmons, Robert - Site dedicated to one of the hardest punchers in boxing history with photos, facts and links.
  • Heavyweight History - Boxing history of all of the heavyweight WBC, WBA, IBF and IBO title fights since 1892.
  • The History of Pre-War Boxing in Britain - Includes photos, list of those who engaged in more than 5 contests, list of venues in Ireland and the United Kingdom, boxers records, and handbills. Information focuses on the time period of 1920 to 1939, but some is provided back as far as 1887.
  • International Boxing Hall of Fame - Information about IBHOF, the enshrinees, ring news.
  • Jack Johnson - Biography of boxer who became the first black heavyweight world champion.
  • Jo Sports Inc. - Offer a range of historic boxing memorabilia through a searchable online catalogue.
  • Montrose, Dave - Biographical information, records, photos, and fight reports from the past.
  • Owen, Johnny - Profiles and record of Johnny Owen and numerous other Welsh boxers.
  • Retired Boxers Foundation - Official site of the RBF an organization dedicated to assisting former professional boxers in times of need.
  • Speary, Billy - Original articles and press photos, history.
  • Tippett, Jimmy - Website on one of London's great fighters from the 1950's with record, photos and articles.
  • Tunney, Gene - Provides links and photos of the 1926-28 heavyweight champion who twice defeated Jack Dempsey. Also includes photos of Jack Dempsey, Harry Greb, Tommy Loughran, Tom Heeney, Bob Martin, and Herbert Crossley.


  • AltoSport: Evander Holyfield - Image galleries, wallpapers, bio, and links
  • AltoSport: Oscar De La Hoya - Thumbnailed pictures, biography, and related links.
  • AltoSports:Mike Tyson - Features pictures, photos, wallpapers and posters.
  • Arthur, Alex - Provides boxer biography, pictures and boxing news.
  • Arthur, Jamie - Official site with news, biography, results and photos.
  • Braddock, James - Official web site of James J. Braddock, Heavyweight Champion of the World from 1935 to 1937.
  • Brewster, Lamon - Official site of US heavyweight contender Lamon Brewster providing a biography and photos.
  • Calzaghe, Joe - Official site includes news, profile, photos, statistics, and post fight interview.
  • Carter, Ruben "Hurricane" - Fan page of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter containing interviews and a video feed.
  • Coker, James "Cowboy" - Website of the southpaw fighter from Texas containing his record, upcoming fights and statistics.
  • Corder, Cleveland - Official site for professional Junior Middleweight boxer "The Warrior". Includes amateur and professional record, profile, photos, news, and related links.
  • Gambina, Jimmy - Photos and details about this boxing master, trainer and actor appearing in Rocky 1, Rocky v, The Champ, Snake Eyes and Black Cloud.
  • Gilbert, Joey - Official site of professional boxer, attorney at law, and participant in NBC's "The Contender". Includes photos, statistics, profile, record, staff, press archives, and related links.
  • Golota, Andrew - Provides thumbnailed pictures, biography and related links to the Polish heavyweight.
  • Hernandez, Angel "El Toro" - Provides boxer history, previous opposition, scrapbook and merchandise.
  • Holyfield, Evander - Includes latest news, history, and merchandise.
  • The Real Deal - Fansite includes profile, pictures, and record. Not updated in a while. (Evander Holyfield)
  • Hopkins, Bernard - Provides record, fight statistics and biography of the undisputed middleweight champion.
  • Iron Mike Tyson - Independent site offering news, biography, polls, statistics, and media.
  • "Iron"Mike Tyson - A biography of the boxer.
  • Jirov, Vasili - Dedicated to the IBF cruiserweight champion. Provides news articles, photo gallery, profile, forum and links.
  • Khaliq, Jawaid - Official site for this welterweight. Includes statistics, fight history, training, photos, and interviews.
  • Kostya Tszyu - Forum, gallery, biography, and merchandise.
  • Lewis, Lennox - Pictures, in-depth biography, and commentary with ratings.
  • Maciunski, Darren - The official site of the middleweight known as "Checkmate", offering photos, fight record and career history.
  • Marco Barrera - The official site includes biography, photos, career record, video clips and chat forum.
  • McCline, Jameel - Fan page of Jameel "Big Time" McCline containing statistics, biography, photos and news.
  • McCrory, Glenn - Official website of the former IBF World Cruiserweight Champion offering information on the boxers new job roles.
  • McCullough, Wayne - Official site with photos, interviews and his fight information.
  • McNeeley, Peter - The official website of heavyweight boxer "Hurricane" Peter McNeeley of Boston. Includes news, photos, ring statistics, and biography.
  • Joyce Carol Oates:Mike Tyson - An article on Mike Tyson.
  • Mike Tyson - Information about Mike Tyson. An interview, news, pictures of hussle with Holyfield.
  • Mike Tyson: The Baddest Man the Planet - Dedicated to the former heavyweight champion, includes biography, ring record and photos.
  • The Smoking Gun: Archive - Related to the boxers psychiatric examinations. (Mike Tyson)
  • Musico, Danny - Offers information on the boxer, actor, model and athlete spokesman.
  • Ndou, Lovemore - Official website of world ranked super lightweight boxer. Includes biography, pictures and news.
  • Paez, Jorge - Official site of the former IBF World Featherweight Champion. Includes biography, photos, and record.
  • Phillips, Dean - Official website of "Dynamite", the British Lightweight including profile, fight record and images.
  • Rivera, Jose Antonio - The official website of this WBA champion including news, reports, and statistics.
  • Soliman, Sam - Official website of this world ranked middleweight boxer. Includes biography, pictures and news.
  • Spain, Tony - Provides his amateur and professional record, toughman history and personal training tips.
  • Tan, Rico - Official web site of Rico "Juice" Tan, professional welterweight boxer from Toronto, Canada. Includes photographs, biography, videos and information.
  • Tenny, Dave - Professional cutman and boxing trainer.
  • Tiger, Dick - Dedicated to the late boxing great, with record, photos and fight reviews.
  • Vargas, Fernando - Official site features a biography, news, statistics and merchandise. [Requires Flash]
  • Williams, Dazzo - The official site of the British featherweight champion offering news, fight information and photos.
  • Williamson, DaVarryl - Fight record, history and latest news on the heavyweight prospect nicknamed the "Touch of Sleep".
  • Witter, Junior - Official website of "The Hitter". Features news, profile, links, and gallery.

Women Boxers

  • Women's Boxing: The Top-Online 24-7 latest news on BOXING! Updated ...
    Provides latest coverage in women's boxing with history, results and gallery.
  •  Ahlin, Nina "Tha Bomb" - Official site of female boxer featuring fight photos, videos, statistics and merchandise.
  • Ali, Laila - Provide daily news, a biography and statistics on Muhammad Ali's glamourous and talented daughter.
  • Jaramillo, Stephanie - Offers photos, record, and biography of the New Mexican female boxer.
  • Messer, Kim - Biography, career, photographs, links, video, and contacts.
  • Renkwitz, Claudia - Provides history, biography and photos of the Canadian amateur boxer.
  • Rylik, Aga - The official site of female Polish boxer Aga Rylik featuring fight photos, videos and news
  • Sjauw, Marischa - Provides news, events, photos and contact information.



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