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Basketball Books and Videos  


  • Basketball Ebooks from Coach Michael Wells - Coach Michael Wells offers Ebooks on offense and defense, coaching software, a few articles for the coach, and links to other basketball resources.
  • Coach Steve Pavlovic's Score More Hoops - A basketball shooting manual that focuses on shooting layups, jump shots and free throws. Also, disxussions on shooting problems and corrective methods.
  • Hoop Dreams - Merchandise relating to "Hoop Dreams" the award-winning basketball movie par excellence. Book, video, soundtrack, and classroom educational materials. Supported by KTCA and PBS.
  • How To Play Better Basketball - Instructional brochures for learning basic basketball skills.
  • Nitty-Gritty Basketball - Offers books, videos, and clinics on basketball, as well as over 30 articles on fundamentals.
  • Pressure Basketball System - Ralph Miller's system of game execution chronicled on offense, defense and drills.
  • Shoot Like A Pro - Booklet includes photographs and diagrams to speed up learning.



  • Basketball Manitoba Video Library - Library holding over 185 different instructional video tapes. Available to the entire Basketball Manitoba community only against a nominal fee.
  • Basketball Pro - Video and audio cassettes with accompanying manuals to improve your basketball skills and vertical leap.
  • Basketball Shooting Instruction - Players and coaches can learn to improve their shot with this VHS from shooting coach Gary Boren.
  • Basketball Training Videos and DVD's for Kids - Youth basketball coaching DVD/videos featuring Phil Jackson, Jim Cleamons and Tex Winters of the Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff.
  • Basketball Videos USA - Instructional, drill, and coaching VHS tapes. Also, offers tips for individual skill improvement.
  • Basketball - Instructional basketball training videos including womens basketball videos, shooting videos, offense videos, and defense videos.
  • Basketball Workout - Offers the Mike Saylor basketball training video.
  • Better Basketball - A 5 video series featuring multiple NBA players demonstrating methods for improving a player's fundamentals, a coach's knowledge, and overall game.
  • Dick Baumgartner`s Basketball Videotapes - Offers one-on-one basketball dribbling, passing and shooting techniques for boys and girls.
  • Half Court Hoops - Interactive skill workouts that will improve skills, with Laurie Pirtle, head coach of the women's program at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Herb Magee Basketball - Coach Magee, a popular shooting instructor and college coach, offers his coaching skills in his shooting improvement videos, Nothing But Net and Nothing But Drills.
  • The Lost Art of Shooting - Billy Keller offers a 55 minute instructional video geared for athletes looking to improve their jumpshot.
  • Magic Johnson Presents:The Fundamentals of Basketball - A DVD/VHS instructional video series featuring Magic Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Kenny Smith, and Diana Taurasi.
  • Magic Johnson's Fundamentals of Basketball - A basketball instructional video on the fundamentals of Basketball featuring former and current NBA players.
  • Make Every Free Throw - Video and book to improve your free throwing techniques and average from Dr. Tom.
  • Showtime Lakers DVDs - Purchase games on DVD in their entirety from the "Showtime" era.
  • The Swish Method - Site devoted to learning and teaching great shooting. Shooting coach, Tom Nordland's Swish video is promoted. Included are writings, endorsements, and testimonials about the video.
  • Youth Sports Club - Youth basketball coaching videos, books, and supplies.


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